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Leviathan winning battles in Montgomery

16 May 2011

It seemed like it was time to keep an eye on Big Government in MoCo, which has been rolling forward lately.

First, the new bag tax.

Then, the (admittedly coerced) agreement to divert resources from crime to tracking immigrants.

And now, distressingly, more bad news from the education front.  Incoming schools superintendent Joshua Starr (who looks like a real loser so far), is adding to that initial impression.

Starr told the Gazette recently that he doesn’t see the need for any charter schools in Montgomery.  Charter schools, I shouldn’t need to note, are those which would be outside of Starr’s control.


Distracting the Police from Crime

19 January 2009

Our good friends at Help Save Maryland From People Who Look Different are at it again. Now they are seeking to implement racial profiling on a grand scale. They seek to divert police resources from rapes, murders, burglaries, and other actual crimes, to profile Hispanics as possible immigrants (gasp!). This is particularly idiotic at a time when violent crime in the county is on an uptick.

This isn’t the time to assuage the ravings of a few foaming xenophobes. Keep police resources focused on crime. The Prince George’s County Council passed a resolution in 2005, precluding the police from enforcing federal detainers for immigration warrants. MoCo should adopt that policy, too.

Fighting Crime: Choices and Priorities

24 September 2007

The county divides crime into two categories. Here are the statistics for 2006:

Part 1 Crimes (more serious offenses) reported were up 5.4% over the previous year, including:

15 Murders

141 Rapes

1,166 Robberies

133 Aggravated Assaults

3,804 Burglaries

16,860 Cases of Larceny

2,493 Auto Thefts.

Part 2 Crimes reported were up 6.4% over the previous year, including:

5,428 Minor Assaults

245 Cases of Arson

6,864 Cases of Vandalism

Lots of work there to keep the police department busy. So when our not-so-friendly neighborhood xenophobes at Help Save Maryland requested that the police also take training on enforcing federal immigration law, Chief Manger turned them down.

That just sounds like good, solid prioritization of police resources to me. The training would take five weeks per officer, during which time they would be diverted from the murders, rapes, robberies, and other mayhem being committed by the real criminals. The logical result would be an increase in crime. I think Chief Manger is doing the smart thing. I also think we might need a movement to Help Save Maryland from Help Save Maryland.

A Terrible Threat

25 May 2007

We have a horrible, unspeakable problem in Montgomery County. People from other countries are coming here and working hard at productive jobs. Fortunately, there are some very prescient and perceptive people aware of the terrible threat posed by landscaped lawns and restaurants serving pupusas.

Help Save Maryland, a nativist group that has demonized immigrants, is apparently on the front lines to protect us. The group opposed the day labor center recently established in Derwood, spreading fears about “increased crime” and about the safety problems sure to be created by unemployed illegal aliens loitering in our neighborhoods.”

Well, apparently, those fears have come true – in reverse. Someone tried to burn down the center this month. Rather than express regret, though, HSM director Brad Botwin has have engaged in one of the most blatant “blame-the-victim” responses you’ve ever seen, suggesting that one of the laborers – “people who have no legal or moral right to be in the United States” — may have been the culprit. “I would not be surprised, since we don’t have background checks, that it might be one of the workers.”

Seems to me that the threat isn’t coming from the workers, but from the yahoos whose incessant verbal attacks have apparently led to attempted arson. Perhaps HSM and their supporters are the ones who should be getting background checks.