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Too Easy

5 April 2007

I see a press release advertising a recent event called by Council Member Roger Berliner. More than one hundred people went to the Council Office Building to “share thoughts on protecting the environment.” Also on the agenda: “identifying best practices” for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Doesn’t the council have staff members with expertise in policy issues? Don’t they have access to libraries and the internet?

Best Practice One: Don’t get dozens of people to drive to Rockville just so to show off your green chops.

The Council Member expressed his satisfaction: “I would suggest that there is hardly a more apt illustration of the power of the bumper sticker slogan, ‘Think Globally, Act Locally.’”

Well. I would suggest there is hardly a more apt illustration of the pointlessness of making policy based on bumper stickers.



Raison d’être

2 March 2007

The municipality where I live is an endlessly fascinating place. Sitting right next to the nation’s capital, Montgomery features family farms dating from the 18th century, as well as some of the world’s most advanced biological engineering enterprises. The county government, with a budget that is the envy of some states, produces sophisticated and expensive programs, as well as some of the silliest legislation you could imagine. It’s also a place where wealthy people subsidize their hobbies and artistic passions by taxing the less well off. I founded this weblog to chronicle and observe the wrestling match between civil society and activist government, and publicize and examine the consequences of that conflict.

— Zinzindor