Predictably Preposterous Policy Prescriptions for Pepco

Everyone recognizes that Pepco’s performance in maintaining stability of electricity supply is poor.  The question is: What to do about it?  Here are some knee-jerk, mindless suggestions we’ve heard from local politicians, and my quick assessment:

– The problem is corporate greed.  PEPCO spends too much to compensate executives and shareholders, and not enough on maintenance.  The Public Service Commission needs to regulate them more strictly, and come down hard on them.  [Fantasy]

– Montgomery County needs to take over PEPCO’s assets and run it as a publicly-owned utility. MoCo could do a better job and be more efficient and responsive.  [Drug-addled fantasy]

– The Federal government needs to take it over. [Complete schizophrenic dissociation from reality]


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3 Comments on “Predictably Preposterous Policy Prescriptions for Pepco”

  1. Steven Olson Says:

    Some truly good posts on this web site , thanks for contribution.

  2. […] Leviathan Montgomery Society versus the State in Montgomery County, Maryland « Predictably Preposterous Policy Prescriptions for Pepco […]

  3. Thought-provoking writing – I learned a lot from the insight . Does someone know where my assistant could get ahold of a blank a form document to fill out ?

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