Trying to Help Small Business

Well, that’s what the county is calling it. I’d call it “easing the heavy hand of the county squashing business”, but, hey — we can quibble about names. The point is, it’s a good idea, and especially helpful in this sluggish economy.

County Executive Isiah Leggett is putting forth a program to reduce the burden that county government places on businesses. Among the good ideas:

• Delaying the implementation date for new legislation and regulations that impose “substantial economic impact” on businesses. These would be held off for a year and a half.

• Allowing a delay in paying impact taxes and permitting taxes, for up to a year.

• Allowing a delay in the expiration of certain building and construction permits.

Most promising is a commitment to examine the anticipated consequences of legislative and regulatory changes. These analyses – which are the norm for federal regulations — would assess the impacts both on the regulated entities and on the County government. That’s a really smart idea, which should be standard practice for all levels of government.

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