Jobkiller Regulations Go Into Effect

As the federal minimum wage increase goes into effect, Big Government dictates who may accept a job offer, and who must not be allowed to accept it.  Job losses are inevitable, according to simple economics: If the employee increases value by $6.60 per hour, she will be hired; if she increases value by $6.50 per hour, she will not be hired.  The upshot is that lower-skilled employees will either lose their jobs, or not be offered jobs.  The job losses are all the more acute right now, given the difficulties of the economy.

Some people see political imagery as more important than the magnitude of job losses.  This federally-mandated increase means that the Maryland minimum wage ($6.15) is overridden, and obsolete.  Sean Dobson of Progressive [sic] Maryland had an interesting take on the situation: ‘‘As of July 24, the federal minimum wage is higher than Maryland’s minimum wage, and that’s simply unacceptable in this bluest of blue states.”   Some state legislators, including Silver Spring’s Tom Hucker,  and the governor think that Maryland should jack up its minimum wage again, just so that it isn’t lower than the federal minimum.  Appearances, it appears, are the most important thing that the state has to keep up.

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One Comment on “Jobkiller Regulations Go Into Effect”

  1. DKB Says:

    Z, you need to wtite about the idiotic proposal to tax parking spaces being taken up by the evil empire, also known as the montgomery co council…never ceases to suprise me..

    behind enemy lines in mont co,


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