Taxes and Diet Food

A politician’s heaven would be taxes without guilt; even better would be taxes with praise.  Council member Nancy Floreen has been pressing an increase in the energy taxes for Montgomery County.

Now, no one likes another energy tax.  But, if we call it a carbon tax, why, that must be different.  The average person doesn’t think of herself as using “carbon”, so it must not affect me.  And — even better — we can say that it’s going to stop global warming.  And bring in more money for pork at the same time!

It’s like a dieter seeing angel food cake that has no calories!  Woo hoo! Dig in, Nancy!  Have another slice.  And another! No need to apologize for raiding the citizens’ wallets. Hell, stuff your face.  Shove it all in there.

Feel better now?

“I am pleased that we adopted my carbon surtax which takes some of the burden off property tax payers by generating about $11 million from all users of power, including those who do not pay property tax such as the federal government.”

If it actually “takes the burden off property tax payers”, then you must be advocating reducing property taxes, right, Nancy?  No, I didn’t think so.  It’s just more money for the council to play with.  Not only doesn’t it take the burden off anyone, but it increases the overall burden, because we all use carbon, every day.  A carbon tax is highly regressive, too, because it hits the poor more than anyone.  People who can barely afford to fill their gas tank, or heat their home, now will have to pay more for those “luxuries.”

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