Good news, bad news on the Birchmere



Good news and bad news on the concert hall front: County spokesman Patrick Lacefield is reporting that the Birchmere deal is dead (hooray!).

The Birchmere ownership, according to the articles, is a little confused, and didn’t seem to expect this. “To date, the Birchmere has not been given a plausible reason for the breach. Any assertion by the county or any other entity that the parties were unable to reach agreement on the essential business terms is patently and demonstrably false.” (Tip o’ the hat to Silver Spring Singular.

The bad news: Middle class music lovers can still expect taxpayers to subsidize their entertainment, as the county is looking for another way to throw money at this. The latest rumor has the county looking to bring in a much larger venue — about the size of the Kennedy Center concert hall. Perhaps this is why the county broke off negotiations. They are reportedly now talking with Live Nation, the outfit that owns the Fillmore concert halls.

The county and state have already compelled taxpayers to pay over $100 million to build a concert hall the size of the Kennedy Center, only 15 miles away from the Kennedy Center. There was no need for Strathmore, and there is no need for an additional concert hall in Silver Spring. For crying out loud, we are just as close to the Clarice Smith Center at the University of Maryland.

I think it’s just some kind of elitist attitude at play; we don’t want to go to Washington, we don’t want to go to (gasp!) Prince George’s County, we have to have our own place in Montgomery. And to hell with the poor saps who have to pay the tab.

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2 Comments on “Good news, bad news on the Birchmere”

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