Politicians Seeking Cover — How About You?

So here’s the problem the county council faces. Each time they build something new, or add a new spending project, those interest groups that benefit are grateful. After a while, though, the taxpayers grumble, tired of ponying up for the white elephants. (Mixed metaphor, sorry) A council member who proposes new spending might be targeted by those taxpayers.

So here’s the solution that Council Members Floreen, Ervin, Trachtenberg, Berliner, and Knapp came up with: Have somebody else suggest the tax increases. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

The council is looking for volunteers for an “Working Group on County Government Infrastructure Financing.”, The group is tasked to “recommend funding strategies, even proposals for which the County does not now have legal authority to implement, that will raise significant funds for capital budget projects.”

In other words, provide cover for the politicians. Did you notice that they are not to be limited to mechanisms that are legal?

If you’re interested, contact Neil H. Greenberger 240-777-7939 or Jean Arthur 240-777-7934.

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